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You know how when you set a goal and commit to taking action on something and then you do the work and show up like the badass that you are and smash that goal, but, when "you get there" it doesn't feel like you thought it would, it feels empty or like it's not enough? Yeah, that sucks. And then typically what happens is, you set another goal thinking that when you reach that goal THEN you will feel like you've accomplished something or you'll feel happy, only yet again to arrive at the destination and again it feels empty or like it's not enough. This pattern often feels like you're chasing something. And, you are. You're chasing the goal when really what you want is the feeling that the goal will give you when you reach it!! It's an important distinction and it changes everything when you consider it. Recently, I was talking to a coaching client who came to me for support to do something amazing for herself and her business. She was shifting gears and had been waiting to share this shift with her clients. She was unsure of how to go about sharing this news with her clients because she was unsure of how they were going to react. She said; “What if they all leave me?” “How will I make money?”

She was scared out of her mind. What she also knew though was that things had to change. She was feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and unhappy in her work!! She knew there was more for her AND for her clients. One Saturday shortly after we started working together she reached out to let me know that she had shared the news with her clients. She was closing her office down.

I said, “WOOOHOOOOOO!! This is amazing!!!!!” And, then I asked her “how are you going to celebrate taking this action and reaching your goal?” She replied, “after I do these 3 more things, THEN I will go and celebrate this.” (Enter stage left that familiar empty feeling that said she had to go and DO more to feel accomplished and successful.)

She shared that she didn’t feel like she had “done enough” yet to deserve a celebration!!!

***My heart sank because I knew the celebration and her acknowledging herself and honoring herself was EXACTLY the thing that was going to support her in tapping into the feeling that she wanted (fulfilled, happy, accomplished, and successful) as well as make her next 3 next steps (and beyond) so much easier for her! She said, “this is no big deal, I finally got over myself and just did the thing. Now it’s time to start packing my office up and moving, calling my accountant, and lawyer to make these changes official. I’ll celebrate next weekend.”

I asked her, “what good is setting goals if whenever you reach them, you don’t even take the time to acknowledge them and yourself?” “Why are you bothering to set goals in the first place if you’re just going immediately on to the next thing?”

She wasn't goal setting, she was chasing check marks to put on her to-do list!! I share this with you because this is that chasing energy of always onto the next goal or the next shiny object and it's exhausting!!!

Pausing to honor yourself, to acknowledge yourself, and to celebrate your badassness, THAT is a piece of the puzzle that makes your journey enjoyable, it makes your work have a sense of ease and lightness, and it supports you in getting in touch with the feeling that you want to feel so you can stop chasing!! When you celebrate, goals become easier, things fall into place faster, you start to rewire and build neural pathways for success. Acknowledgment IS how you are able to practice gratitude and appreciation! It's how you recognize how far you have come.

It takes those pauses to let things settle in, to connect back to your body so that you can really see and feel where you are on your journey so that you can notice those, “oh wait, I’m here, this is the goal I set for myself, and I’ve reached it moments!! Celebrating is such an important practice that I teach this to ALL of my coaching clients AND Becoming Magnetic clients!! Taking the time to slow down and celebrate IS the thing that speeds up your success!! To my manifestors, you already know how important it is to live in the feeling that you want to feel, and you know how to incorporate this into your goal setting. You also know the power that gratitude and appreciation play in your high-vibing energy which you know supports you in bringing your desires and goals to you!

Today, I’m sharing just a couple of the reasons why it‘s so imperative for you to celebrate YOUR badass self!!

1.) Celebrating supports you in loving yourself!! If you've been thinking how can I love myself more? Celebrating IS an amazing way to do just that!

2.) Celebrating helps the Universe to know that you are enjoying what you are doing and that is how you want to feel. Enjoyment attracts even more enjoyment. ( IN other words, Universe, will send you MORE of that!) 3.) It helps you to connect with how you want to feel AND supports you in expanding on these feelings so you can reach for even more. Remember my Peleton instructor from Saturday’s email? If you haven't read it yet, click here to read it now!

Oh, and about my client who was so scared to take the leap and announce her shifts in her business, some of her clients didn't want to grow with her as she made these changes. But, MANY of them did!! In fact, she signed up her first coaching client shortly after the announcement!!

Once she named, claimed, and decided what she wanted, the clients that wanted that too could move forward with her and get amazing results!! Way deeper results than they had been getting previously.

It was a win-win for everyone!!

📣 P.S. STAY TUNED!! I've got something coming soon to support you in setting goals in a totally different way so that when you reach them instead of feeling empty and going on to the next thing and the next thing to fill you up, you finally feel full (fulfilled), excited, happy, accomplished, and energized!!!

P.P.S. This also came up in the What's In The Cards Wednesday Tarot Card Reading inside my Free FB Group, BEing You Financially Free!

See you there!!

Sending you much love, and support,

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