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You can have a thriving family AND a thriving business!!


You want to jump out of bed every morning feeling excited and inspired to start your day because you know what you have planned for the day are all the things that make you feel inspired, fulfilled, and unstoppable!!  


You want to BE fully present and in the moment when you are at home spending time with your amazing family AND have that same presence and focus as you build your career, because you love your work too!!


You want to have more time, more money, and way more freedom so you can live your life doing what it is that you love AND experiencing ALL that life has to offer


But more than anything, you want to feel like life is fun again.


It has been through helping many of my stressed out and burnt out clients learn how to pause and listen and to tune into their bodies AND live in alignment WITH what is truly important  to them, that I have realized even more deeply the importance of this work.


I myself personally know what that stress and burnout feel like. I know what that same routine day in and day out feeling like your living your life in your personal groundhog day, doing everything for everybody else feels like!! You even ask yourself, is this all there is? (It can't be, deep down, you know there has to be more.)


I know EXACTLY how you feel

You wake up in the middle of the night with the list of things you have to do for the day ahead swirling around in your mind. You just want to go back to sleep but you can’t because you feel anxious in your stomach. You’re already trying to organize your list so that everything gets done. You know that your schedule is so jam-packed that if just one thing goes wrong, like a flat tire, it would mean disaster. You feel anxious just thinking about it.


Before your feet even hit the floor each morning you have resigned yourself to the fact that you know there is no way you are going to have enough time to complete your never-ending to-do list and quite honestly, you are sick and tired of trying.


You know you are over-scheduled and overworked but you don’t know how to change it, so you just keep trying to do EVERYTHING YOU CAN until you can find the time to “figure it out.”


To make more time for your to-do list, you skip going to the gym and your favorite Yoga class. You tell yourself “no worries, I can go to my class tomorrow instead.” Deep down though, you know that you’re lying to yourself again because you know you aren’t going to go to the gym tomorrow either!!


When others ask you for help you feel like you can’t say no because if you don’t help them, who will? So you squeeze it in.


You are so tight on time that you have started grabbing convenience food or whatever you can get your hands on quickly. Because of this, you're gaining weight, feeling exhausted, and drained.


You feel like each day is the same thing day in and day out, living your life on autopilot, wondering is this all that there is to your life. You even tell yourself, “after this week things will calm down.” Or,  “as soon as this is over, things will be back to normal.”


But week after week it’s always more of the same. Being overscheduled has become your normal and things only get busier.


Does any of this sound familiar?


If this is how you are feeling, then it is no coincidence that you are here. I do not believe in coincidences AT ALL!!


The list above, describes how many of my clients have felt before we have worked together in my coaching programs. In fact, this is how I felt for years. I just kept pushing myself harder and harder, trying to hold everything together,  trying to make it through the day, expecting more and more from myself trying in vain to "balance all of the spinning plates."

I get it, you are doing the best you can

You have every intention each day to eat right and prepare meals in advance because you know how amazing you feel when you give your body what it needs.


You have tried every organizational tool, scheduler, and planner known to mankind to help you manage your time more effectively so you can get even more done.


You want to be recognized for your efforts, you want to feel like you're making an impact, and feel truly passionate about your work.


You know you need to focus more but with the constant interruptions and distractions, you feel like you are “busier than ever” but accomplishing less and less.


You know you are so blessed in all that you have but you feel selfish and ungrateful for wanting more and for feeling like something is missing from your life.


All of this has just kept you spinning and swirling in circles feeling like you are getting nowhere.

Hi, I’m Laurie!!

I help women slow down (for more than 5 minutes), pause, and quiet the noisy distractions so they can have more time, more energy, more joy, and live the life they have been imagining and dreaming of.


Now, I know that you already know that changes need to be made. You know that things can not go on like this.


In fact, you have tried to make these changes on your own.


You even tell yourself  that’s it, starting tomorrow I am going back to the gym or I am going to eat healthy. I will do it. I am forcing myself to get there and I am making the time.


You get excited about the new changes you are making, you even buy new sneakers to celebrate your renewed commitment to getting and staying healthy this time “ for real”. You are finally making time for you by meal prepping and buying healthy organic products. You buy new cook books and find healthy recipes. Things start out great. You get in your groove. You even lose 5 pounds and feel fantastic. You say to yourself I feel amazing, why did I ever stop. You swear that this time is different and nothing is stopping you from feeling like this ever again!


But then, it happens,something comes up unexpectedly and you are the only person that can help AGAIN!! It  knocks you out of your flow and you fall off track. Just like that progress is stopped and you are slipping backwards.


Despite your best efforts, this start and stop pattern is driving you crazy. It is so frustrating because you want to make and keep these changes so they become a habit that you just do each day. You can’t figure out why this keeps happening. You just want to find your flow AND stay there.


Do you know why this start and stop keeps happening over and over again, keeping you STUCK living your life on autopilot just going through the motions?


It’s because your choices are aligned with what others want, not what you want. You are meeting OTHER  people’s expectations of you.


Your body is speaking to you but you are having trouble hearing it’s quieter voice over all of the noise and busyness that is showing up as not having enough time, that feeling of never moving fast enough, the tightness and ache in your neck, shoulders and jaw, the when is it going to be time for me feeling.


What is this costing you? Your health? Your physical and emotional well being?


Saying you don’t have enough time isn’t the answer or the problem…..

It’s an excuse

Stop trying to find more time. You won’t find it until you learn where time comes from!!


Until you turn inward and make yourself your number 1 priority, you will stay stuck in this never ending, frustrating pattern.


When you shift your mindset, go against the grain and stop putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own, some magical shit happens, you find and step into your flow. You step into ease. You stop doing things to get them completed and off of your to-do list and start loving the things that you are doing because you feel passionate and fulfilled by what is ON YOUR LIST


You feel more confident because you know that the decisions you make are aligned with your goals and dreams.


Things that you once thought were important to you will fall away because you no longer feel the need to prove to others that you are enough by doing more things or by how many check marks you have on your to-do list or by ‘’how busy you are”


Imagine for a moment……


🦋 Waking up in the morning feeling rested while everyone else is still sleeping giving you time alone to enjoy your cup of tea or coffee and write in your journal

🦋 You feel overwhelmed with love, gratitude and a deep appreciation for all that you have

🦋 Meditating each morning to get quiet and center yourself

🦋 Reviewing healthy recipes so you can meal prep before work

🦋 Heading out to the gym for your favorite morning workout knowing that you have more than enough time for it and you are going to feel even more amazing after.

🦋 Getting to work and everyone can feel your high energy vibe and are wondering “what is she doing differently?”

🦋 You have patience beyond measure and your schedule flows with ease instead of “squeeze”


Here are what some of Laurie’s past clients have reported:

“I have been going for massage therapy for years, and until I went to Laurie I never realized how much pain and stress relief can be had with Laurie’s knowledge and techniques of her profession. Not only as a massage therapist  but also as a BodyMind coach. Laurie has taught and helped me personally in so many ways. Through experiencing BodyMind Coaching, I was truly impressed and surprised at how sensitive, insightful, and helpful working with Laurie has been. I would highly recommend BodyMind Coaching”




I have been working with Laurie for 4 years now. I began the BodyMind Coaching program about 6 months ago. The program has changed my life in ways I never knew it needed to be changed. She taught me to ask the questions and find the I answers I needed. We were able to get results quickly! She taught me that something isn’t ever happening to me, it’s happening for me. Her support and uplifting answers were something I always looked forward to in the program. If it wasn’t for this program I would never know the possibilities I could manifest by just simply believing in myself. Continuing this program is something I look forward to. Uncovering the amazing possibilities I have inside me is something I learned and will continue to practice.




The way to step into the life the life you love and have been imagining, a life that inspires you and lights you up, a life filled with fun, joy, and ease, a life that honors you, a life where you are a first thought and not an afterthought is to begin the journey inward.


Welcome to  “The Journey INward.” A program that is as unique as the women it is designed for. The structure and support offered through this program is heart centered and has your goals and vision at its core.


In these group and 1:1 coaching programs you will receive support not only from Laurie but also from an incredible group of women who are just like you. They are showing up for themselves and following through by making changes so they can live their best lives!


With the support of the modules and exercises that are included in these transformational programs you will be learning how to make confident and empowered decisions.


You will learn how to trust yourself where you will just know in your bones what is right for you and that you are heading in the right direction.


You will have a new level of awareness that will guide you so you will feel what taking action that is aligned with you AND your goals and vision feels like.


You will get to experience a fulfilled and empowering way of living that you can teach to your children


These programs offer a  high level of support and accountability to ensure that you have what you need to be continually taking steps forward so that you can get to your goals and dreams.

“The Journey Inward” isn’t just about you just having more information, it’s about applying these new skills as how they specifically relate to you, and then making them a part of your daily life, consistently.


Each section is built to guide you and to make sure that you are on track, accountable and moving forward. Accountability is paramount in making sure that you are making forward progress and are taking the necessary steps so that you get to live the life you have been imagining, not just taking steps towards it.

Who wants to move closer to their goals? Let’s get you to your goals.

“The Journey INward” programs have been created for women with a never ending to-do list who feel like they are running on a hamster wheel day in and day out when what they actually want is to have more time, more freedom, and more energy for the things that are important to them.


I offer a variety of programs that offer varying levels of support. Here are just a few of the levels of support that I offer:


🦋 Private 1 on 1 coaching calls with Laurie that are designed to connect you with your inner compass. Your compass is unique to you and it helps to guide you and keep YOU TRUE to your North. We will also be talking about and applying the lifestyle changes, the daily habits, and those tiny little details that allow you to step up in your life on a whole new level. No need to live locally these sessions can be remote!!

🦋 Modules and Exercises that are delivered directly to your inbox that are designed to be thought provoking and to help uncover what has been keeping you stuck and support you so that you are able to make those subtle shifts in your life so you can start living in a way that makes you feel amazing and powerful. Where you feel large and in charge

🦋 A private facebook group filled with like minded women you can reach out to when you need additional support. You are all on this transformational journey together.

🦋 An easy peasy app that keeps me in your pocket for when there is something that you want to share with me privately or when you have a question, or to celebrate the amazing wins and breakthroughs that you will be experiencing

🦋 Personalized Action Plan that is created specifically for you and are designed to keep you moving upward and onward to achieving your goals

🦋 An amazing Self-care Box filled with some of my most favorite things that feed my soul and make me feel freaking fantastic. We even go over what you can do to make this box even more powerful

🦋 VIP Day Long Intensive: This private one on one time with Laurie where you get a full day intensive with Laurie to strategize and to gain more clarity even faster. During your time with Laurie you will be able to create your very own Vision Board!! Vision Boards are a powerful tool that allow you to gain even more clarity into what it is you want to create and contribute in your life


Women’s only retreats: By getting away from your daily routine you are able to pause and listen to your heart. It is by pausing and listening that you tune into your heart.You are able to tune into what is right for you. You are able to hear the answers you have been searching for. By pausing and listening that is how you become the amazing spouse, mother, co-worker. Pausing and listening is the key to better relationships, it is the key to a better job, more money, more happiness, more joy. Pausing and listening is the KEY to all of the things that you want.


“The Turning INward programs have been created for women with a never- ending to-do list

Who feel like they are running on a hamster wheel day in and day out when what they actually want is to have more time, more freedom, and more energy for the things that are important to them NOW, not later in life.


What I have learned in my own life and from coaching my clients is that when you fully step into making yourself a priority consistently, when you make time for your self-care, when you say yes to you, everything shifts!


What these programs offer is the safe space and the supportive container for you to say yes to you. They give you the know how and the growth to live your life connected to your inner compass, connected to your intuition, connected to what FEELS right for you.


It is my intention to give you the steps and the knowledge that I am equipped with from all of my years of experience so that you know deep down in your gut what if feels like and what it  means to truly honor yourself in your life, in your family, in your community, and in your work on a whole new level.


I give you the tools, the steps, the how, and an insane level of support to help you do just that.


What I have learned in my own life as a massage therapist and now as a coach is that I have been coaching and doing this work all along I just didn’t know it.  


My family, my friends, my clients would all say to me how I was the voice of reason. I could see at the end of our conversations the relief and the yeah “I’ve got this,” “I can do this” look on their faces.” Their bodies would go from tense to completely relaxed.


What I didn’t know at that time was that I was giving people the tools to feel and do empowered things in their lives.


They knew what they needed to do. What they were really looking for was the support, the confidence,  the accountability, and the guidance to implement it.


These programs are unique because we dive deep and unpack all the steps and tools AND then apply them into your daily life. It is one thing to know something in our heads, in our brains, but quite another to actually APPLY IT! It takes the actual experience and the support of a coach who has gone through it to show you how to apply it, iron out the kinks, point out the sticky spots, all the while helping you move forward to your goals.


After working with Laurie her clients have reported back that “they never expected to be able to see how their decisions and the things that they were doing in their lives was actually keeping them stuck in the same pattern over and over again.”


They have told her that the things that used to bother them they don’t even think about anymore, it’s a total non issue,


They have said that “their relationships with their spouses have gone back to the newness they experienced when they were first married, over 20 years ago.” They never knew it could be that way again.


Others have stated “the clarity they received just from hearing their thoughts out loud, repeated back to them was both unexpected and transformational.”


Space is limited in these programs to ensure that each person has what they need to move forward.


During our call we'll discuss your vision and goals to determine the best way for me to support you going forward.


These programs are for you if:


  • You are sick and tired of being sick and tired of living your life on autopilot just going through the motions.

  • You know there is something more out there for you but you just aren’t sure what it is.

  • You want to jump out of bed excited about what your day has in store for you.

  • You want more time and more energy to do what you love.

  • You want to feel more present and connected in your home life and in your work life because you love your work too!

  • You are ready to do what it takes to live your best life.

  • You are ready and committed to taking steps forward to your goals and dreams!


This program isn’t going to be for you:


  • If you don’t believe that you are an amazing human being capable of doing great things in this life.

  • If you aren’t willing to receive feedback from Laurie and the women in our group coaching Facebook community.

  • If you blame others/ make excuses and are always focused on what is going wrong in situations.

  • If you are a negative Nellie and like to complain about things.

  • If you know everything already. Then you don’t really need me.

  • If you are not willing to make the commitment to yourself to do this transformational work.


Here is what you can expect after you become a member of “The Journey INward” community.


After you sign up you will receive:

  • A welcome packet filled with all of your program details.

  • A link to join the “Journey INward” Facebook community

  • Your login details to gain access to the group membership site and all of the extra goodies that are in there.

  • You will receive all of the information regarding the women’s only retreat.

  • You will be receiving the amazing self-care package that has many of my favorite items in it.

  • My scheduling link for you to set up your 1:1coaching calls

  • As well as the schedule for the group calls that will be held via Zoom (online video conferencing.)

testimonial pic.jpg

I feel so blessed to have found Laurie and her BodyMind Coaching program when I did! I was expecting my first child and had been working in an industry that did not stimulate me or provide me with any fulfillment for almost 10 years! I needed a change but was held back my own fear and mental patterns of insecurity and doubt. Working with Laurie has allowed me to free myself from the guilt I felt about not being grateful for the job that I had and allowed me to embrace, discover, and BELIEVE that my passions are what I should be cultivating and that by doing so I will bring wealth and possibility into my life like I had never knew it could! Laurie's consistent support, encouragement, and insightful nature were invaluable in making this new mindset possible for me. I  honestly can say that I am so excited about what the future holds for me!

- Meghan

  • How long do the group coaching calls last?
    Typically the calls last between 60 and 90 minutes on average. Don’t worry though it is my intention to give everyone in the group their time to talk about what is that they would like to talk about as well as have the time to ask their question(s)
  • How much time will I be spending on the exercises each week?
    On average you will spend about 2-3 hours weekly going through and doing the exercises. You may spend as much time on them as you like. Remember that what you put into these programs is exactly what you will get out of them!
  • How long do the programs last?
    There are a variety of programs with varying options. They run from 3 months - 1 year. We can talk more about programs lengths and details when we talk to see if this program is a good fit.
  • What do I need to join the group calls?
    All you will need is an open mind, a pen and paper to take notes, and a stable internet connection in the comfort of your own home.
  • Is the Facebook community private?
    Yes!! Once everybody has been added to the facebook group, the group status gets changed over to secret. This means that nobody outside of the group will have access to the posts or information within the group.
  • What if I change my mind after I have signed up?
    There are no refunds. Once you have commited you are in the group. Your spot has been reserved for the retreat and expenses have been paid. I cannot guarantee your results. I can tell you though that when you show up, when you do the work, when you do the exercises, and put your heart into this program your life will change and you will get results!

This program isn’t about giving you more information. It’s about helping you to uncover the habits, the beliefs, and the patterns that are keeping you stuck and not living your best life!


My intention and commitment in the programs that I offer is to give you the tools and the resources that  you need to be able to make confident, empowered decisions that are aligned with you!!


I am passionate about supporting women so that they can trust themselves and know in their bones what their next right steps are.


I want to help women break free from decisions that they think they “should be” making and into decisions that are RIGHT for them so they can live a  life filled with flow, joy, and ease.

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