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I am not your typical massage therapist


What I have learned over the last 4+ years as a massage therapist is that pain has both a physical and an emotional component. I realized that to be able to help my clients on an even deeper level I was going to need to address both of these aspects!! By adding BodyMind Coaching to my practice I am able to address the patterns, beliefs, habits that many times contribute to the stress and pain that you are feeling. To address the physical pain dreamy relaxation movements and work that is specific to your troublesome areas are used to smooth out the kinks and tension that are in your body. By combining BodyMind Coaching AND Massage Therapy together we work together to get to the root cause of your pain.


This takes commitment


If you are interested in an introductory session, please fill out the form below


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90 minute Introductory session: $150.00

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