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Vision Board Workshop!

Visionboard Workshop AND 8-week Online Master Manifesting Course!

Have you ever had a really great idea come to you but you’re too busy to really think about how you could make it happen so you put it off until “later?”


Do you find yourself saying when things calm down, or when this busyness is over, THEN I will have the time to think about and focus on what I want?


Is there something you want to do like open up your own business, or work from home, travel, buy a house, or write that book, but life keeps getting in the way and you haven’t had the time to even think about getting the ball rolling in that direction?


The truth is, your to-do list, is never done. There is always more to be added and it just continues to the next day and then the next day, and then the next day. Before you know it, weeks, months, years, have gone by but there is still “never enough time.”


What I really want you to hear is this, the “perfect time” or “enough time” isn’t something that comes to you, it’s something that you MUST give to yourself. You must claim it and receive it for yourself. That’s how it works.


This is you saying, “I am ready for something different!!”

Receiving this time for you is actually one of the first steps to YOU getting what you want!!

"What you dream, YOU can become!!" ❤️❤️

❓When is the last time you gave yourself uninterrupted dream time without any distractions to sit down and dream about the vision you have for yourself, your life, and the goals that you want to reach?

❓When do you have uninterrupted time without your phone ringing, your emails dinging, your family needing you, or someone from work calling you saying, "we need you to look at this real quick?" (Not to mention the telemarketers that interrupt just about everything!!)


Right? Uninterrupted time, it just doesn't happen. You have to CLAIM IT!!


It seems easier to claim this time at work when you close your office door so you can bury yourself in that proposal your boss needs ASAP, you claim it when it comes time to respond to the 15 emails that need your immediate attention, you claim it for your kids when your child's school needs you to help out in the classroom, or when they need snack brought in at the last minute!!!


🎙It's easier AND guilt-free when we claim this time for others but to give this to ourselves, well that really fires up the guilt train, doesn't it?




Receiving this uninterrupted dream time for YOU is actually one of the first steps to you claiming and having what you want! (BTW, this is how you start onto the path of having an amazing work/life balance that is built specifically for you!!)

But first, you have to RECEIVE the time for YOU so you can get crystal clear about your vision, your goals, your dreams, your "Bucket List."

To get anywhere you HAVE to know where the heck you are going!! You have to have the vision, it’s the freakin’ map!


Your vision, your dream, it’s the GPS coordinates that you plug into your virtual Maps app so you can get to where you are going.


I'm curious, are you ready to claim your uninterrupted dream time so you can start living the life you have been imagining?




Then I have the workshop for you.


I took the liberty of creating this amazing Vision Board Workshop that gives you the uninterrupted dream time, the steps, the how-to, and incredible tools that will support you in making your dreams real!!!




You CAN actually manifest the life that you want. Actually, the really mind-blowing part is, it will turn out better than you can even imagine!


Vision Board Workshop Attendee Testimonial: “Learning how to get crystal clear about what I am asking for, has literally changed my life! Thank you, Laurie!”


Here's how it works...


First, we do the Vision Board Workshop where you will get:


  • The uninterrupted dream time and space to get crystal clear clarity (the GPS) of your vision, dreams, and goals so you can start living the life you have been imagining!!

  • LIVE personalized coaching from Laurie that is designed to support you in shaping the clearest vision for your greatest life!!

  • A crazy amount of support from an amazing group of like-minded women who are there to make their dreams a reality AND to support you in making yours real too!!

  • Exclusive access to my private Ask, Believe, Receive Facebook Group where you can ask questions and receive additional support after the workshop ends!! (Only people who have attended my Vision Board and/or Master Manifestor Workshops have access to this private group!!)

  • PLUS as a bonus, you will receive my 8- week online Master Manifesting Course that is delivered directly to your inbox each week where you will learn how to make your vision board even more powerful!! You can do this course at your own pace AND from the comfort of your own home!


I have never offered this online program before AND I have never offered it with my Vision Board Workshop!!


I am doing this because I believe that YOU can have the life that up until now you have just been imagining.


I know that you have a unique dream and vision that needs to come out and I would be honored to help and support you in making that happen!!

I invite you to join us:

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

From 4:30pm -9:30pm

At the CWA Local 1122 Union Hall

3775 Genesee St.

Cheektowaga, NY 14225

Registration is $97.00 with all supplies included!!

***This includes the bonus 8-week Master Manifestor

Online Course!!

Due to the high level of support being offered at this workshop, space is limited. There are only 14 spots left!!

A little bit about Laurie,




Laurie LOVES being a Bodymind Coach, Workshop Leader, and Course Creator who teaches women how to make themselves a priority in their lives and gives them an insane level of support so that they can build THE solid foundation that has their core values built in as the cornerstone for their life!!


“Each one of us has a particular set of values and priorities that are hard-wired into us. When we live out of alignment with our values and our priorities, that is when we feel the stress and overwhelm creep into our daily lives. This is the message stress and overwhelm has for us.” - Laurie Juszkiewicz


She teaches and supports women how to know and feel in their bones, right down to their core, that the decisions they are making, ARE SPOT ON!!!!


Laurie first started out as a massage therapist and quickly built a thriving massage practice.


It didn't take long though for the guilt of never having “enough time” for her family and the exhaustion of working 12 hour days to kick in!!


She wasn’t living in alignment with her core values and priorities!!


It has been through Laurie navigating through her own process, GUILT and all, that she has been able to create the structure and support that is needed so that women CAN structure their lives in the way they have been imagining and dreaming of!!

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