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💸I help women in business
UN-hustle, leverage manifestation
to attract stronger
"heck yes" clients
the money to match 

 I help heart-centered women in business who want to contribute and make an impact in the world, UNblock the barriers to your abundance so money flows to you with ease. 

Are you worried and stressed about money?
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They raised you to believe that the harder you work and the more you know... the more you will achieve. 

And it worked…


Except now, you're exhausted and feeling unfulfilled. 


When you’re juggling your career, kids, and their million activities, keeping the house running and people fed with something other than fast food, attempting to find a moment of peace with your spouse, how is there time for you?

You feel like you're in this internal tug of war and you're the rope being pulled between what everyone else needs and wants you to be and wanting time, space, and freedom for yourself!

You're stretched to the max trying to hold everything "perfectly" together but it feels like you're being ripped apart and coming undone at the seams.


Telling yourself things will get better after you retire or when the kids get older just isn’t cutting it anymore.  And neither is telling yourself that this is just the way life is.  Who said that was true anyway?


All the years of insanely high expectations for yourself have served you well.  Life on paper looks pretty damn good.


But why do you feel so...Exhausted, unhappy, annoyed, like a pressure cooker ready to blow her top?

Why does the grass always look greener over there?


Will things get better with the next stage of life?  When your kids are out of the house or when you hit retirement?


Girl, I feel ya.  I was asking the same questions once too.


Just because life looks good on paper doesn’t mean you feel good on the inside.


The good news is that you can have financial freedom, time freedom, and everything else you dream of.


This is your permission slip to say,

🙋‍♀️ I’m not ok and something needs to change.

🙋‍♀️ It’s ok for me to spend time on myself.

🙋‍♀️ It’s ok for me to want more.

🙋‍♀️ It’s ok for me to ask hard questions.

🙋‍♀️ It’s ok for me to ask for help.

Let’s shed some light on what’s going on inside your busy head.

Ways To Work With Me

Being YOU, Financially FREE!

Facebook Group

Join the sisterhood of women learning to declutter their minds and live a life of abundance. 

I share tips on how to rewire your thoughts so you can free up more time, have more creative ideas, and feel more present. 

If you’re trying to manifest and feel stuck, this group is your sign.  

Every Monday I share a new "Monday Money Mantra" so you can get on the pathway to financial freedom!


Join for FREE.

Sign Up For Your "VIP Day"

This Full-day intensive is ALL  ABOUT YOU!!

When was the last time you gave yourself the whole day to dream and scheme about what you want in YOUR life?

 I bet it's been a hot minute!

From our time together, you will walk away with Crystal Clear Clarity ( I call it The 3 C's) on your goals, dreams, desires, and visions.

 You'll walk away with an EMBODIED plan of action so you can commit to what you want AND take the steps to make it happen!

Not manifesting what you want even though you meditate regularly, watched the movie The Secret, read dozens of books, listened to podcasts, and you're STILL not getting what you want?


I cracked the code on how to become a MAGNET for the abundance & financial freedom you want, and I want to show you how YOU can, too!!

Stop wondering if what you want is possible and start learning how to BECOME MAGNETIC for the financial freedom and abundant life you truly desire!!

" Sometimes when things fall apart, it is the best thing that can happen. It is our refusal to let it all fall apart that is the issue. Our holding on and insistence is what holds us in the holding pattern of the same routine day in and day out, living on autopilot."

- Laurie Juszkiewcz

Gyan Mudra
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" I feel so blessed to have found Laurie and her BodyMind Coaching program when I did!

I was expecting my first child and had been working in an industry that did not stimulate me or provide me with any fulfillment for almost 10 years! I needed a change but was held back by my own fear and mental patterns of insecurity and doubt.

Working with Laurie has allowed me to free myself from the guilt I felt about not being grateful for the job that I had and allowed me to embrace, discover, and BELIEVE that my passions are what I should be cultivating and that by doing so I will bring wealth and possibility into my life like I had never knew it could!

Laurie's consistent support, encouragement, and insightful nature were invaluable in making this new mindset possible for me. I  honestly can say that I am so excited about what the future holds for me"  
- Megan

" I have been working with Laurie for 4 years. I began the BodyMind Coaching program about 6 months ago. The program has changed my life in ways I never knew it needed to be changed. She taught me to ask the questions I needed to be answered. She taught me that something isn’t ever happening to me, it’s happening for me. Her support and uplifting answers were something I always looked forward to in the program.

If it wasn’t for this program I would never know the possibilities I could manifest by just simply believing in myself. 
Continuing this program is something I look forward to. Uncovering the amazing possibilities I have inside me is something I learned and will continue to practice." 

-Krysta C. 


"Until I went to Laurie I never realized how much pain and stress relief can be had. With Laurie's knowledge and techniques of her profession, as a BodyMind coach, Laurie has taught and helped me personally in so many ways. Taking BodyMind Coaching, I was truly impressed and surprised at how sensitive, insightful, and helpful Laurie's sessions have been. I would highly recommend BodyMind Coaching"... - Karen


"Laurie’s coaching is like the ultimate fitted bralette: wireless, no padding, supportive yet expands with me. Laurie provides clear and constructive coaching so I don’t stray from my goal. With each step of the way, she intuitively challenges and reminds me, to remain true to myself, and to expand deeper into my possibilities." -  Tzuling Kuo

On The Blog

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Hi, I'm Laurie  

I help coaches and women heal their relationship with money so they can own their worth, charge for it (without feeling guilty) AND, become financially free!!

Financial freedom IS an inside job. I help you go from feeling like there is never enough money and it's super hard to come by, to YOU and money, 💸 being BFF's FOREVAH! 

Schedule your call now so that we can see if we would be an amazing fit to work together!



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Laurie Juszkiewicz, Money, Mindset, & Manifestation Coach

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