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 Hi, I’m Laurie - 

Coach, mentor, personal cheerleader that will


be 100% straight with you.


You’ve found the place where you can unapologetically dream big AND achieve those dreams. 


Drop your guilt at the door and let’s get started!


Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up every day thrilled to experience another day because you KNOW your day is filled with the things that you love, light you up, and inspire you?


Wouldn't it be amazing to have financial and time freedom to do the things that light you up instead of having money (or the lack of money) running your life?


That’s what my unique process gives my amazing clients.


💃We tap into your intuition through your body. 


💃We drop the “shoulds” and guilt.

💃And set into your true authentic self.


I was once in your shoes too.  I was chained to everyone else's demands and I felt the boulder of guilt whenever I tried to do something for myself.


Life looked great on paper, but in my heart, I KNEW there was so much more out there for me.  I just had no idea HOW to get it.


The HOW was elusive until I discovered Bodymind coaching.  I was finally able to tap into a deep well of untapped potential residing IN ME.

Untapped potential and intuition that I didn’t even know existed!


Everything I was looking for materialized because I changed from within.  


Now I work with clients just like you to see your own untapped potential and allow yourself to follow your intuition.  


Through my unique process of tuning into your intuition and embodying your truest self, you’re able to create a life of time and financial abundance without the stress and hustle the outside world says is a necessary evil.




Uncovering your intuition and mentoring you through the times your brain will want to sabotage you through, guilt, shame, procrastination, and internal tug of war I’m able to guide my clients to everything they’ve always wanted.  


I use the same process in my own life to step further and further into my authentic self.  My dream of living in Maui and starting an animal rescue is only possible because I do the work and follow my intuition.  


Are you ready to drop the guilt, procrastination, and excuses?  


Let’s chat so you can get clarity on the path of your dreams.




 Ready to drop the tug of war and set into your highest potential?

Schedule your clarity call with me by clicking here

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