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I've had the idea to do this live since Saturday ( 3 days ago) but, I could feel my energy wasn't there for it yet. There was still more for me to notice and learn for myself before I could share it with all of you in this way!

Until this morning when the timing was RIGHT!

I knew it was right because of the relationship I have with Universe.

I have this relationship with Universe because I learned to manifest!

Manifesting is a MUST-HAVE relationship for your life and business!!

Watch this video to learn:

***Signs Your Manifesting Energy Can Propel You Forward Or Pull You Backward!

In this video, I share: 💸🌟💗 How to know if you're in an abundance or lack mindset! 💸🌟💗 What a lack and abundance mindset looks and feels like so you can recognize them and shift as needed!

💸🌟💗 How you are repelling what you want through your energy! 💸🌟💗 How you can invite Universe into your coaching conversations, business, and life! 💸🌟💗 A powerful story that took my Manifesting practice and relationship with Universe even deeper!

I am on a mission to teach folks how to manifest, coach them as they navigate the pitfalls and places where you can get stuck NOT manifesting so that YOU never have to go without AND never unintentionally repel what YOU ARE asking for!

That's why I'm hosting an amazing workshop that will show you the 3 Shifts To Unblock Your Abundance on Tuesday, May 9th at 11:00 am Eastern! Click here to learn more and save your seat!

Not sure if this manifesting workshop is for you?

If you have ever said any of these things below, then this workshop is for you and I'll see you there

If you have ever wondered or thought: 🌟 Did I just manifest that or was I going to receive that anyway?

🌟 Does this money count as I manifested it? ( this one is huge)

🌟 Am I doing this right?

🌟 Will I ever be able to get it to work for me?

🌟 Am I smart enough to figure manifesting out? 🌟 You see or hear that someone else manifested something and you are happy for them but you also feel dejected for yourself at the same time and wonder “What the actual hell am I doing wrong?”

Then this workshop was literally MADE FOR YOU!

Grab your seat here! P.S. Ya'll manifesting is real! I believe that those who were burned at the stake for being witches weren't really “witches” in the evil term. They just knew how to manifest, they were psychic (you are too) and they used their intuition ( you can too) Why not use all of the tools that you have been born with to help you live your best life yet?! And if you haven't watched my best-ever FB live yet, here's that powerful FB Live I did one more time! See you at the workshop! Sign up

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