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What is Life Coaching any way and why would I hire a coach, I'm not an athlete?

I totally get it. In our culture, we are very used to buying a product, service, goods, or food and exchanging money for it.

For example, when you go into TJMAXX or Homegoods and you purchase 5 hand towels for $19.99, you clearly see the product, the towels, and then exchange the money for them. It is crystal clear that you are getting 5 hand towels for $19.99

But what happens when what you are buying, in this example, life coaching, which is NOT a tangible product that you can feel, touch, smell, taste, and hold in your hands or put on your body?

When you hire a life coach, you and your coach are coming together to focus on an area of your life that you would like to see improved, enhanced, changed, and/or transformed for the better. For the outstanding, really!

Those kinds of results aren't really tangible. Nonetheless, the amazing transformations and improvements are 100% happening. YOU can feel them even when you can't SEE them just yet.

That's because life coaching focuses on the internal shifts FIRST so that the changes can be brought to the external. Very much like an infinity symbol. We do this work together through your coach asking you powerful questions and noticing key themes in your life without judgment.

Here are 15 Ways hiring a life coach WILL transform your life for the amazing!

1.) Seeing what is possible for you so that you never settle for less than you deserve!

Our experience is all that we know. Because of this, it can be easy to assume that being wealthy for example is just not possible for you because it hasn't happened yet. Or, because to get to work you have to commute 2 hours every day and you hate every damn second of it. Feel free to insert where you feel stuck here _________.

Through life coaching, you understand that anything you want IS possible AND you can have it.

To shift your outside experience and results, you must first shift inside.

Working with a life coach helps you shift internally so that your internal thinking, mindset, and results shift and overflow and spill outward to your external world! #magic

2.) Reaching your goals, dreams, and desires!

Your goals, dreams, and desires have been planted in your heart for a reason! And that reason is that they are meant to be reached and to come true so you can live them!

You are naturally wired to want these things. In our culture, though oftentimes we are told from a young age that you should just be happy with what you have because there are starving people in the world and it would be selfish to ask for more than what you already have!

It's stories like these that keep people stuck their entire lives. These old ways of thinking, habits, patterns, and beliefs get to be brought to the surface and healed through life coaching so that you can release the guilt and ask and receive what you truly want in YOUR life!

P.S. As you reach your goals dreams and desires you can help other people who are less fortunate too.

3.) Understanding fear, why it's there, and what it's trying to show and tell you!

Fear is a tool that your brain uses to keep you where you are, in the "status quo". Not because the "status quo" is great but because it's "known," "predictable," and "safe."

Keeping you safe and(alive) is fear's role. Its job is to literally keep you alive and run your body in the most efficient way so that it can conserve energy. Your brain does this by having you repeat the same tasks over and over again until a habit is formed, regardless of your results and outcomes.

This is often why people unintentionally stay at soul-sucking jobs or in bad relationships. Even though their results are shitty, it's known and somewhat safe (even when it's not actually safe) And see #1, they may not realize something else is possible

Life coaching helps the coachee, the person receiving coaching, recognize and see what fear is trying to share with them and where it's trying to keep them safe in a way that the body understands. Then you are able to choose what is best for you because you can see through the fear and honor when it really is trying to keep you safe, and how to know the difference when fear is really holding you back and keeping you stuck. Knowing the difference is LIFE CHANGING!

4.) The importance of knowing your comfort zone!

As I shared in #3 above, fear, will try to keep you in your comfort zone to keep you safe. Your comfort zone is the cycle of habits, patterns, and beliefs that keep you repeating the same tasks over and over again. Through coaching, you learn the parts of your circle (comfort zone) that you want to change so that you can step out of your comfort zone and into your goals, dreams, and desires.

Life coaching is like using Google Maps to reach your goals, dreams, and desires. When you hire me as your coach, we get crystal clear about where you are in your life. We plug in your current location, where you are now, and, then put in the destination, which is where you want to be (your goals, dreams, and desires) so that you can get there!! Your body is YOUR compass! Let's get navigating

5.) Understanding how your body is naturally wired!

Understanding your body's physiology and its natural wiring is crucial in recognizing when you are making choices and decisions that are right for you. It's like having a resource (your body is the resource) that you can ask and always have amazing answers with "know it in your bones accuracy."

You may think this is not important. But, remember at the beginning of this blog when I shared that when you hire a life coach you will be making internal shifts that you can't see but you will feel them?

It's through this exact process of knowing how you are naturally wired that you will feel and recognize with "know-it-in-your-bones accuracy" which decisions and directions (GPS) are exactly right for you!

6.) Learn how to tap into, hear, and TRUST your amazing intuition!

You may already hear your intuition, the thing is that you are probably overriding it. You don't trust it. And, you're discounting it.

Again, your intuition is not tangible, you can't see it, smell it, hold it, wear it, etc. like I shared at the opening of this article. Nonetheless, it IS there. Waiting for you to TRUST it and follow it.

Fun fact: Did you know Warren Buffet and Elon Musk say that they rely heavily on their intuition to guide them in their businesses? They're billionaires, so they know a thing or two about this.

Through hiring a life coach, you will learn how to hear your intuition, But, EVEN MORE than that, you will learn to trust it, and follow what it's asking you to do!

This alone IS LIFE CHANGING!! Especially if you're always super busy but don't actually feel like you're moving forward or making progress. Chances are you're working on the wrong thing(s). Let's chat to find out before you burn out.

7.) Uncover your core values

Your values are not your morals.

Your values are innate to who you are. They are built into you!

Your values are what you VALUE most. When your values aren't being honored in your life, you will feel disconnected, or, like something is missing or something feels off because your values, which are how you really want to feel are not built into the foundation, the core of your life, your work/business. When you hire a life coach, we work TOGETHER to uncover your values so that you can honor them in your life and work. This is so freeing!!

8.) Learning how to say no!

This is huge!! How many times is the word yes out of your mouth before you even had a chance to think if you wanted to do the thing or not?

When we say yes to something, we automatically say no to something else that we could do. Oftentimes that something else, is for ourselves. ( Cue the guilt, and so you say yes)

I know before I hired my first coach, I never even knew that I was allowed to say no. Yes, was always out of my mouth first. (Put others first) And then right after, I felt terrible because what I said yes to, I didn't really want to do but, I felt OBLIGATED!!!

When I'm your coach you will learn how to say no with love and with zero guilt! And, you will learn that by saying no you are actually opening up to more opportunities and possibilities. ( Going back to #1 here. You don't even see what's possible when you keep saying yes when you really want to say no.)

9.) Enforce your boundaries with love and without guilt

This is super important when you are honoring your values and saying no to things that don't feel good to you. There will be times that people ask you to do things that are a no for you. Chances are they will push back.

This is why having strong boundaries in place is so important. (And back to #8 knowing how to say no is so important!)

When we honor our boundaries, the Universe responds in huge ways!

I had a person reach out to tell me when they enforced their boundaries AND they got a raise. Another got a new client.

10.) How to create time and space for you without guilt and judgment!

Giving yourself time and space for yourself can often feel like the most gut-wrenching thing to do. Guilt shows up. A restless mind shows up. You may even say to yourself, I'm lazy, I'm not being productive. I can't sit still, I have to get up and do something.


Remember in my opening to this blog article where I shared that the shifts are internal first and then they show up in your external world? THIS IS exactly what I mean here.

Your value and your worth are internal, they are inside you!! They are NOT measured by how much you got done on your (external) to-do list!!

You uncover your inherent, God-given worth and value when we work on this together when I'm your coach!

P.S. Creating time and space for yourself is actually the most loving thing you can do for yourself, your loved ones/friends/family/coworkers/community, etc.

11.) Dive deep into Self- love!

When you hire a coach and you do this work together, you begin to soften. You begin to understand and connect with your internal world and see just how amazing and powerful you truly are. And at the same time, you begin to see others in this same way which now impacts your external world.

You open up to new perspectives and points of view.

You see your sameness, your oneness with others!!

You may uncover the ways that you want to create change and make an impact in the world or your community.

And, you feel amazing and present.

12.) Connect to your embodiment!

Your embodiment is how you want to feel. It's your intention.

How you feel gives crystal clear guidance to what you want. How you want to feel AND what you want activates your inner GPS and intuition!! This allows you to have guidance and support in reaching your goals, dreams, and desires.

Your embodiment is THE KEY to reaching your goals, dreams, and desires and living them, instead of just talking about them and hoping you reach them!

You are always driving your life and choosing where you want to go. Your intuition, your Inner GPS wait for you to plug in your coordinates. Your coordinates are your embodiment.

Learning how to tap into this inner, wise part of you, this tool alone will change your life FOREVAH!!

13.) Become financially free!!!

Through your embodiment, you activate your inner GPS, your intuition that guides you and leads you to what you want.

Say you want to make a million dollars. When you use your body, your physiology, your values, enforce your boundaries, and activate your intuition, all the things you will learn when I am your coach, you receive the steps and the ways for you to reach the 1 million dollars!!

Don't think it's possible? Just ask Warren Buffet and Elon Musk. It's totally working for them and they're BILLIONAIRES and actively share that they rely heavily on their intuition in their businesses.

They are tapped in and tuned into their bodies and they know how it speaks to them and most importantly they know how to TRUST IT!!

14.) Life coaching will help you boost your confidence and feel good in your own skin!!

Do you ever feel awkward or uncomfortable when it's time to share at work or with friends and family?

Life coaching helps you to feel empowered, calm, and confident in your own skin!!

Again, these internal shifts are on the inside that you cannot see right away until that internal shift begins to grow and grow until it eventually tips over and spills out into your external world. Then everyone will be saying, "I'll have what she's having!!"

15.) Life coaching helps you bring forward your inner courage!!

Life coaching doesn't give you anything that you don't already have. What you're looking for is NOT OUTSIDE OF YOU!! It's in you!!

What life coaching does do is it helps you have the courage to bring out what is within you even when you feel silly or weird. Especially then!

Life coaching helps you feel honored and accepted for who you are. And it gives you the permission to bring that part of you forward.

Oftentimes what this can look like is you know DEEP DOWN what you want to be doing and what you should be doing and, it can be super scary to say it out loud and actually do it in real life!!

Sometimes that fear overrides your intuition and your core values.

***Courage, deep Inner courage helps you change that and shift into an empowered mindset where you honor yourself and your core values even when it might not be popular with your friends and family!!

If you have been curious about hiring a life coach and what that would give you in your life, then this is your sign and your answer!

I could go on here with even more ways of how hiring a life coach can change your life. Maybe I'll make a part 2 to this sometime.

But, for right now, these are just 15 things that you or someone you know may be experiencing and struggling with DAILY, that life coaching can help you and/or them with.

You only get this one life!

You owe it to yourself and who you are deep down to make it the absolute best that it can be!!

Too soon for a call? I know, we just met. Join my email list and we can take things slow and get to know each other a little better, first. Grab your free copy of one of my favorite things, my Money Making Mantras. Click here to grab them now and you will automatically be added to my email list. And, if I'm not your cup of tea, you can unsubscribe at any time. See you there!

I am sending you so much love and support,


Certifed Bodymind Coach ICF Trained Coach Me, and my fam' 👇

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