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Does anyone else have a sign from The Universe that lets them know they're on the right track?

I have a few. (They're so cool I couldn't pick just one.)

Things can be scary and uncertain when we are taking action toward our goals. It's hard to know if we are making the right decisions and if we are on the right path. Doubt can creep in sooo easily and we can start to want to go back to where we know the outcomes and results from our past experiences!! A.K.A our Comfort Zone!!

This is why signs are so helpful!!

10 years ago, when I first got started with asking The Universe for signs, I asked specifically for a sign of a feather! I knew that when I would see this feather or when one would cross my path, THAT would be my sign that would let me know that I was on track in my business and with my decisions.

A few days later, when driving home from dropping my girls off at school, I was stopped at a red light. It was a beautiful morning, there wasn't a cloud in the sky for miles except, directly over my house where there were not 1 but 2 HUGE cloud formations in the shape of feathers!!!!!

This is what I mean when I say that we NEVER know how The Universe will deliver what we are asking for! You must remain open to all the possibilities!!

I had thought that when I saw my sign that it would show up as a bird feather lying on the ground somewhere. Or a bird feather would float down from the sky as a bird flew by.

NOPE! The Universe goes above and beyond our little expectations and delivers us far more than we even ask for. The same goes for our goals!! We get even better than what we originally asked for!!

Today after having a huge realization about how I teach about money, mindset, and manifesting to my clients, I looked out my office window. As I stood there, appreciating the beautiful sunrise, I saw this huge cloud feather in the shape of an L, the first letter of my name, Laurie, right outside my office window!!

See the L? 👉👉👉👉👉👉👉👉

A sure sign that I am on the right path and that I am heading in the right direction in my life, my goals, business, and my decisions!!

How can it get any better than this?

Do you have a sign that lets you know that you're heading in the right direction and that you are on your way to your goals?

Not sure how to ask for a sign? Email me at I have something for you!

Sending you so much love,


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