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5 Super Sneaky Ways You’re Overcomplicating Manifestation Without Realizing It!

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

It can be so easy to over complicate manifesting. It really is! In fact I'm sure that there are times in your day where you read something about manifesting your goals, dreams, and desires where you might even think "nah, thats too easy."

This is actually resistance!!

I know!!

Resistance can be sneaky!!! It hides right in plain sight in our everyday thoughts and what we believe to be true.

Here's the thing, what I have come to find is that resistance is often the indicator of where I need to dig in and get curious about what is being shown to me. It's like the X marks the spot kind of indicator!!

"It's like the X that marks the spot of where we need to look and get curious and start looking at what is being shown to us."

This resistance can show up through a message, a social media post, a story that someone is sharing, maybe even this blog. Whatever the way it doesn't matter. What matters is that you notice the energy of resistance and what that feels like and looks like for you.

Over the years, I have gotten really curious and uncovered 5 of the sneakiest ways that many people resist manifesting their goals, dreams, and desires, without them even realizing they're doing it!!

Pssst, as you are reading these, notice where you may be feeling resistance or hearing that voice that says "this is too easy" or "this couldn't be."

THIS is an opportunity for you to open up to possibility!!

Let's dive in!!

1.) Resisting visualization. Visualizing and seeing yourself in your mind, reaching your goal or the result that you desire, IS a powerful practice. Visualization puts you into the energy and the feeling of what you will be experiencing when you have your desired goal or result. All manifestations begin in the body. In fact, our natural state is manifestation.

Have you yourself noticed that when it’s time for you to close your eyes to dream and imagine what you want to see, that you stop? Or, you put it off until later? Have you noticed that in yourself? This is a super sneaky place where resistance hides out right in plain site!

2.) Procrastinating and perfecting what you want. Having to ask or say it just right. Let's say that you would love to have a specific job. And so you say, this job ________ (fill in the blank) would be amazing to have. I would really love to do that or work there. And now you have submitted your request. You have named and claimed what you desire. And then, in come the thoughts of , did I do it right? Was I clear enough? Will Universe know what I meant? Should I say it differently? And on and on you go in your brain.

This back and forth of your request, this lack of clarity is the same as giving someone a message and before they can do anything about it, you delete it. And then you rewrite the message and then recall it or delete the message over and over again. Imagine being the person who is trying to read your message. They have an idea of what you're saying but it's unclear and they don't know what you want.

This is what you are doing every time you make a request and then second guess "if you did it right" by asking over and over in different ways for what you want. This is the opposite of clear and can slow your manifestations down immensely.

Photocredit @Tucker Tangeman

3.) Being impatient. Let's say that you have asked for something or you have set a goal. And, you're in that in between space of making the request and waiting for the request to show up in your life. You're waiting and waiting and it doesn't seem like its coming because you can't see it. In this in between space, it's really easy to be impatient

I compare this to having planted a seed in the ground and now you're in the space waiting for that seed to sprout. You don't go back into the soil and dig it up to see why it's not growing yet. You don't go and dig it up and say "oh, I planted this wrong let me dig it up and move it to another part of soil." No, you wait to see the signs of the seedling sprout up through the surface of the soil. Its the same with manifesting!

4.) Looking for a signier sign!! In # 3 above we talked about waiting to see a sign that the "seed" is sprouting. Signs are a powerful tool in manifesting too!! They support you in that in between time when you have made the request and you are waiting for what you desire to show up in your physical world.

Often times signs are sent to you to let you now it's all working out perfectly for you and for the highest good. When you see those signs it can be easy to doubt that it was a sign. What I hear so often is "well, Im not sure if that was the "right" sign, so I'll wait for a signier sign!!"

This is also resistance hiding so sneakily in plain sight!!

When you see your sign, THAT is your sign!! No need for a signier one!!

5.) Making your vision board wrong! Yes! I know! So sneaky isn't it? This IS resistance. I have heard from soooooo many people that this is what stops them from even dreaming about what they would even want to ask for, let alone make their vision board! The resistance is to asking for the "wrong thing", or limiting themselves by what they pick. Or believing that somehow they will be locked in like footsteps in concrete with what they choose. This one even ties into perfectionism!!

Any other recovering perfectionists out there?

Perfecting is resistance and sometimes it can even hide out as procrastination! Waiting to have it all perfect before you start.

But, that's a whole other topic for another day!!

When you see any of these 5 things happening in your manifesting practice, it is powerful and supportive to shift this energy back to solid ground. Back to an energy of manifesting!!

A really great way to do this is to have a gratitude practice!!

Having and expressing gratitude shifts your energy from resistance and doubt and wondering if you're doing it right, to the energy of joy and manifestation!!!!

Do you have a gratitude practice?

If you don’t have one, no worries, I've got you covered!!

In my Being You Financially FREE Facebook Group, we just completed the Attitude For Gratitude 21- Day Challenge!!

It was a powerful 3 weeks!! And you can do the Attitude For Gratitude Challenge at your own pace!! Click here to get instant access to the Attitude for Gratitude Challenge 21-Day Challenge so that whenever you notice that energy of resistance or for whenever you just want to feel ahhhhmazing, you can turn to your Attitude For Gratitude ON DEMAND!!

Gratitude supports you in stepping into joy which is one of your highest manifesting energies that you have!!!

Sending you so much love and support,


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