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Are You Struggling To Make Time & Space For You? Then, You Need To Read THIS!

Ya'll, I woke up tired today.

At first, I thought I just needed to "get going" to get energized. Can you relate?

So I dove into my morning ritual. I feel so amazing and energized after my morning ritual!!

Today was different though. After I was done, I didn’t feel energized. I felt grounded and amazing but not energized and ready to go!!

I had a few ideas to start working on and I thought that would get my "butt in gear" but when I got to my computer, I felt exhausted just looking at the project. (One thing I know is when I feel that way it's time for a break. It's time for rest)

That's when I heard those “should voices” kick on.

You know the ones that say:

“You should be doing your work.”

“You should be bringing this idea you just got to life.”

“You should keep working until the weekend.”

“You should just keep going.”

(insert your should voices here)

Then, I heard the should's that were saying:

“You should be taking a break.”

“You should be resting.”

“ You should be taking today to create time and space for you.”

If you caught my Instagram live yesterday you heard me talk about the 2 kinds of should's we have. If you haven't listened yet, click here to watch it!

Psst... Are you asking yourself right now "well, how do I know which should's I should listen to and when?" If you are, then you need to join me in my free training where I am going to teach you How To Create Time And Space For You Without Feeling Guilty And Unproductive!! Inside the training you're going to dive deep and learn how to distinguish, discern, and decide which should's are there to help you and which ones are keeping you stuck and distracted. Click here to sign up

Once I made the decision to make time for myself by taking the day off, I asked myself, "what do I want to do today? What is it that would energize me that I normally wouldn't be doing today?"

After I listened, I decided to hop back in bed with my daughter, Jenna, and our rescue doggies Phoebe & Clarke. We laid there and snuggled and that felt right. After about 15 minutes of laying there I felt re energized and I saw an image of my Peleton pop into my mind.

I knew I was ready to get on my bike!

I only intended to ride for 20 minutes because it was a rest day, but, after 40 minutes, I was still going and it felt amazing!!!

"I just didn't get here one day making time and space for myself. NOPE, it was the hard cold opposite."

In fact the only time I would let myself rest was after I had surgery, or, if I was sick with a fever and even when I was sick I would still keep pushing because well, you know, “I was just laying there.”

I was on the hamster wheel grind and hustle of doing all the things for everyone else and not a damn thing for me. And, I resented every moment of it. I just didn't know it on a conscious level.

For me this resentment felt like " here we go again, another day of the same old same old." Or, when I would open my eyes in the morning I just felt blah, and totally unmotivated! It felt like everyday was "Groundhog Day!"

The only thing that separated the days from each other was if it was a grocery shopping day or a run errands all day kind of day.

It had me feeling like, "there has to me more to my life than this, right?"

If this sounds like something that you're feeling too, come join me on 12/16 and I can show you how YOU can do this for yourself too!!!! Inside the training you're going to learn how to distinguish, discern, and decide which should's are there to help you and which ones are keeping you repeating Groundhog Day! What I know is, the voices of guilt, and the feeling like you're not doing anything, that IS what stopped me from taking time and space for me! Those should voices turned on and anything I wanted, went right out the window!!

Thats why it was sooo important to know that there are 2 kinds of should voices:

1.) The should's that are trying to distract you and keep you feeling guilty and unproductive.

2.) The ones that are helping you and pointing you to honoring you and your dreams goals, desires, and visions.

When I learned this and how to know which ones to listen to, I was finally able to quiet my mind. I felt calm and connected. I noticed everything around me again! It had always been there but my connection and the quiet was what I got separated from.

To honor those should's, you need to make time and space for you though, FIRST!!

P.S. Right after you sign up, you're going to receive a special opportunity for you to get started making time and space for yourself right away!!

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