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Hawaii And Your Beliefs!!

This is a picture I took of my family while we were on vacation in Hawaii We took this trip in December 2018 and it was absolutely amazing… But if you would’ve asked me even a year earlier what I thought about my family of 5 going on vacation to Hawaii & Maui, I would’ve told you: “Who, us? No way. That’s not possible.” I mean, it’s Hawaii. Freakin’ MAUI!!! Did I REALISTICALLY think this was a place I could go on vacation with my family of 5? Absolutely not. Why was that?

Well, based on all the stories I’d heard, I believed that places like Hawaii and Maui were for rich people. I believed these were places where the airfare was so expensive, it was just not financially attainable for me and my family to enjoy.

From the stories I heard, the food there was super expensive too. When people would ask me, “Where are you going for your vacation?” and I told them “Hawaii”, every single person would give me this “Are you CRAZY?!!” look followed by a well-meaning: “You better save every penny because you are going to need it! The food prices there are outrageous.”

This made us kind of nervous because my hubby and I really wanted this to be a vacation we could ENJOY together with our kids… So, what, we go there and can’t eat?! That’s not happening. So, instead we created our “better be safe than sorry” plan and saved an exorbitant amount of money so that we wouldn’t run out.

We saved up $5,000 just to comfortably cover food costs for the whole trip.

You might think, “well, great! That probably covered it all! Problem solved.” Well, sure… We thought so too.

What we didn’t plan for though was how much those stories we heard would impact how we showed up on our trip… Our first few days in Hawaii, even though we saw right away that the food prices were not nearly as bad as everyone described, my hubby and I were still really guarded with the food money. We thought we were being responsible by “pacing” ourselves, saying “we just got here, let’s slow our roll.”

Well wouldn’t you know -- every day we went out to eat, and every day we saw the food prices were nowhere near what had been described to us. In fact, when we went to a grocery store that was near us, Doritos were almost the same price as at home. Pepsi was maybe a dollar more for a 6 pack.

I’m not kidding you, the ONLY outrageously priced thing we saw the entire time in Hawaii and Maui was watermelon. Freakin’ watermelon. (Side note, it’s because of the weight -- Watermelons are flown in for the islands!)

And the restaurants? The prices where we ate (almost every night) were maybe $5.00-$6.00 more per plate. That was IT!!!

Honestly, I expect to pay those prices in a tourist town ANYWHERE to be perfectly honest. But those were the prices and we were LITERALLY eating on Waikiki Beach… I mean, ELVIS had been there. (You know who he is?? And here WE were?) Come ON!!!

My point is this: Had I BELIEVED what everyone had told me about Hawaii (which in reality was just their own beliefs and stories) I NEVER would have taken my family of 5 to Hawaii and Maui in the first place.

Had I believed their stories, we never would have had that amazing experience and we would’ve never learned that we wanted to LIVE there!!

Had I never done my inner work around what MY beliefs were, I never would have been able to recognize them, call them out, and find a way to go to Hawaii anyway.

Had I listened to those stories, I would have just kept doing what any other person would’ve done in that situation… More of the old “same old same old”, listening to the same old stories that everyone else had been telling me for months, years, decades!!

Which is why I have a question for you:

What beliefs are YOU holding onto that aren't actually true for you, that are actually stopping you in your tracks DAILY??

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To magnetizing everything you desire and more,


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