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How I Manifested My DREAM HOME!

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

About 15 years ago my husband and I manifested our DREAM house.

At the time we were living in a house we loved with our 3 daughters. We were happy there and we had no intention, thoughts, or ideas about moving, but it was a little tight with 5 of us in a 1300 sq ft house!!

Then one night my family and I were sitting at our dining room table, and my hubby was looking out the window that faced our street. With that dreamy look in his eye, he said, “I love the house across the street. If it ever goes on the market, we’re buying it.”

The house looked so spacious and it sprawled across the property like a giant. The windows over the attached garage looked like a face and it looked so peaceful and big.

Over the next year, I would catch my hubby just looking longingly at the house. He would say things like, “It looks like it’s about 2500 sq ft. I bet it has 4 bedrooms - you can tell by the windows. I bet it has extra bathrooms too!!”

We talked about what it’d be like to live in that house with all that extra space, what we might do with it, and what that might feel like. We thought about how convenient it would be to just move across the street - the kids wouldn’t even have to change schools!!

It seemed so far out of reach at the time because the couple that lived in the house didn’t look like they were going anywhere anytime soon… Besides, up until this point, our only conversations with them consisted of a wave hello and goodbye from across the street, so what were the chances of them a) selling their house, or b) selling their place to US?

About a year later, I was outside with the girls when that very neighbor who owned the house across the street came up to us. She said, “Hi, I live in the house across the street from you. I have no idea why I’m here talking to you telling you this but we’re going to be selling our home. I was wondering if you might be interested in buying it. You have to be bursting at the seams over there with all those kids in your house.”

To say I was stunned would be the understatement of the century. More like blown away. I could not believe what I was hearing. After I regained my balance, I said; “yes!!!”

I ran to my mom who lives 2 doors down for her to watch my girls and I went over to look at the house. It was even BETTER than we ever imagined!! The house had 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms just like my hubby thought it would. A nice mostly finished basement. The yard was double if not triple the size of our yard.

And, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, you’ll never guess what happened...

I had a dream that I never even said out loud to my hubby: I wanted a pool, but not just ANY pool. I wanted a beautiful, built-in pool we could enjoy together. Our current house had a little above-ground pool that the kids loved, so when I was checking out the new house I went out back to make sure this new yard would have enough space to put a pool in.

To my total surprise and delight, this gorgeous house already HAD a pool, but it wasn’t just any pool...

It had a GORGEOUS built-in concrete swimming pool with a mermaid, diving board and everything, just like I wanted!!

We bought the house that very day. It never even went on the market, no realtors nothing. We just bought it. The homeowner was so amazing that he even waited for us to sell our home so that we could move in when we were ready.

I swear you could have knocked me over with a feather that day.

I’m not kidding when I tell you my hubby and I literally manifested ourselves into this house by imagining and feeling what it would be like to have extra spaciousness and room for our family to grow in our home.

And now, I want to teach YOU how you can manifest YOUR dreams for YOUR life, too.

Do you want to learn how?!

Awesome, because I want to teach you the EXACT steps I followed to manifest our home so that you can manifest whatever you desire for your own life!!

Stay tuned more details are coming next week!

Sending you much love and support,


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