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How ONE Image Changed The Entire Trajectory Of My Life!

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

ONE picture.⠀

ONE split second.⠀

That’s all it took to change the ENTIRE trajectory of my life... forever.⠀

You might be wondering…⠀

How could one picture change LITERALLY everything for me?⠀

How did I KNOW in one split second that I HAD to retire from my massage therapy career and become a coach? That I would (and WILL) someday move to Hawaii and live my best life doing what I love?⠀

The truth is I had no IDEA that that was what I wanted or even needed to do… until I saw that ONE picture. ⠀

That one picture gave me clarity like I hadn’t felt up until that moment…⠀

It made sense in a way “reason” can’t explain....⠀

And the reason for that is because PHYSIOLOGICALLY your dreams don't use WORDS to communicate with you…⠀

And THAT was how I knew what I wanted AND how I intuitively knew what I had to do the moment I saw that picture.⠀

That ONE picture changed my life because of the clarity I had in my mind about what I wanted, and intuitively felt what I needed to do next in my body. And THAT is why vision boards are so freakin’ powerful.⠀

This is just one reason why I’m hosting my upcoming Vision Board Workshop on 10/27: To help you speak your intuition's language by using PICTURES so that you can get crystal clear on what you want for your life AND how you can actually RECEIVE it!!⠀

The step-by-step process I’ll be walking you through in the workshop will take ALL of the guesswork out of “how” to get clear on your visions and what you need to DO in order to call them in so that you can literally living out your dreams.⠀

Just like I did. Just like I AM!! I want to show you how you can, too!!!⠀

If you feel this tug in your heart to finally start making your dreams COME TRUE, then you need to come to my Vision Board Workshop on 10/27!!⠀

Your time is now, sister!!! 😍

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