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Part 2: I never DREAMED This Would BE Possible!!

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Last week I told you about that time we manifested our DREAM home… (Click here to read the whole story) Today I want to tell you about something that became possible, something I never even DREAMED would be possible, because we manifested this house. When the day came for us to move into our dream home, we were hit with just how BIG the house was. We couldn’t fill all the rooms!! We just didn’t have enough furniture.

After piling in everything we had, I had two completely extra spaces left: One was a bedroom, the other was a beautiful sunroom. I thought to myself, “Now what the heck am I going to do with this?!”

I had no idea that having these two extra rooms would allow me to manifest yet again!!

A few years later when I became a massage therapist, that extra bedroom eventually became my in-home massage practice. When I retired from massage a few years after that, my amazing sunroom became the BEAUTIFUL office I am writing to you from today, the home of my new business where I coach and teach my clients how to manifest the life of their dreams and become financially free!!

I share this because, when we manifested our dream home in 2008 I didn’t know I was going to become a massage therapist, or become a coach, or that I would start ONE business, much less two!!! I hadn’t even gone to school to become a massage therapist yet… It wasn’t even on my radar! But none of that mattered because the Universe KNEW I would be needing these spaces!!! What I want you to know is that the Universe has a plan for you, too, and it’s far, far greater for you than you could ever imagine.

Manifestation has worked for me, and it continues to work for me time and time again in even more amazing ways than I dreamed possible… And I want to show YOU how you can do the same!!

If you’re ready to learn how to manifest in your own life, I have something for you:

On Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 1pm EST I’m hosting a completely FREE workshop where I will teach you the EXACT steps I followed to manifest our home so that you can manifest whatever you desire for your own life!!

Are you in?

Hope to see you there!!!

Sending you much love and support,


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