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The Secret Sauce To Having More Energy That Will Have Everyone Saying, "I Want What She's Having"

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

I hear so often from my clients how they never have "enough time and energy" in their day and how their to-do list is just never-ending. And on the off chance that they do finish their list, then, even more, is expected of them.

They have every intention of when they get home of doing things that they enjoy like food prepping for the next day, or getting on their Yoga mat to soothe their tight, sore neck muscles that have been in the same position staring at a computer screen for far too long or to finally research healthy dinner recipes for the crockpot.

But by the time they get home from work, they are completely drained and just want to sit on the couch and veg out in front of the TV!!

It's like all of their energy and motivation that they had throughout the day just evaporates into thin air and they say " I'm too tired, I'll do it tomorrow."

Does any of this sound familiar?

They wish that they had the same level of energy for themselves and their family as they do for their employers and customers and clients!!

They tell me how they feel like they are on a hamster wheel just spinning their wheels never getting anywhere but exhausted!!

I get it!!

This was me too!!

I had so much energy and time for what everybody else needed. I always worked hard and found the energy to push through and keep going but I couldn't do it for myself and my family because I was too tired at the end of the day.

I remember telling myself as I would get to about lunchtime how great I felt and how I got plenty of sleep last night so when I get home, I'm going to start working on my business. I am going to read those emails and do those worksheets that people so graciously gave to me to help me with getting my business launched.

But every day just like clockwork when I would get home and would start to unwind from my day, it felt like I hit a wall. My tank was empty and I was waaay past being on fumes. Often times I wouldn't make it to 8:00 pm. One minute, I was talking with my kids about their day and the next thing I knew, the movie we put on to watch together, was over the credits were rolling, and my kids were waking me up to go to bed.

I remember how terrible and guilty I would feel for not having the energy to spend time with my kids and husband, I felt guilty for not paying attention to the stories that they were so excited to tell me, I felt guilty for not making a healthy dinner because I was just too tired. I felt guilty for giving all of my energy away to everyone else. I felt guilty for all of that AND then for not taking care of myself!!

It wasn't until I learned that by making myself a priority in my life, that I would have the energy, vitality, harmony, balance, and flow in my life that I was craving, that I DESERVED!!

Putting myself first sounds counterintuitive, right?

It sounds selfish right?

I know, but it's NOT. And this is the part where I need you to trust me for a minute.

Your brain is saying "how selfish is this girl?" You're supposed to put family first, then work, then what is left over is for me."

And that my love is why you are on the hamster wheel not getting anywhere but exhausted.

How amazing do you feel after your workout at the gym? Pretty amazing I would say. All those endorphins rushing through your bloodstream. Your blood is pumping feeding your body and all of your cells what they need. It's even fighting off that cold you have felt coming on the past few days.

You get home from the gym feeling fantastic and so glad you went to the gym and now you want to stay on track by making a healthy breakfast for yourself AND your family.

Now, you have even more energy as your body has all the nutrients it needs to fuel you till lunchtime. You have more energy now to make your kids healthy lunches rather than give them lunch money for greasy pizza in the lunchroom cafeteria. Seriously, do you remember the grease that would ooze up to the surface of lunchroom pizza? Gross right? You even have time to write them and your person a little love note.

You feel great your kids feel great because now they have more energy from eating a healthy breakfast and lunch and they are able to focus better, learn more, and absorb more at school.

Your spouse/partner is thrilled too because you made them lunch and they are really loving that extra pep in your step and how energized you are. They even comment on how amazing you look.

So much has already changed for the way better just because you made yourself a priority in your day and went to the gym. But it doesn't stop there because now you are better able to focus at work and you have amazing ideas come to mind, people want to be around you, they want to work with you more because they feel amazing just being around you.

People are noticing your high energy vibe and start to ask you "what are you doing differently" because they want to have what you're having!!!!

Now imagine each day being like this!!

This is how everyone that you love and how everyone around you WILL BENEFIT when you make yourself a priority!!

Not so selfish anymore, is it?

These are just a few of the benefits that are waiting for you when you do this work for yourself!!

Do you want to know how you can get started?

By having a kick-ass morning routine!!

Having a morning routine is what fills you up and inspires you in ways that allow you to have MORE time for YOU and what you want to DO in YOUR day in a way that is going to allow you to fill up your cup and be an even better version of you, and have even more energy, more vitality, more focus, more harmony balance, and flow so you can be an even better version of you for YOU and everyone else around you, and I have just the thing!!

I did an interview with the very awesome Carly Clark Zimmer where we talked about these very things and so much more.

In the interview:

  • Carly and I walk you through step by step when your morning routine actually starts. (This will surprise you!!)

  • The benefits of having a routine set up and in place that is chock full of your favorite things that recharge you and revitalize you

  • We talk about the importance of claiming a space just for you and what that is really saying to the Universe

  • We cover the importance of setting your intention for the day and what that means

  • The importance of "how" you start the day and the role that it plays in determining how your day will unfold

  • A powerful checklist to ensure that your morning routine gets started in the best way possible

  • Plus, as you do this for yourself, you give others permission to do it for themselves.

***If you love all things manifestation and would love to take your manifestation practice to the next level OR simply start manifesting click here to find out all the next-level details. In the interview with Carly, we even share a few tips and tools that you can implement (to make your manifestation practice even stronger) into your morning routine!!

Having a morning routine has been a total game changer

for me, for my family, for my life, and for my business which is why I wanted to gift it to you today!!

Click the image below to watch the interview now!!

Carly Clark Zimmer has an amazing FREE Facebook Group called Simple Sacred Life.

Click the image below to receive the amazing and powerful checklist that Carly and I talk about in our interview together!!

The secret sauce is in this powerful interview AND PDF!! I can't wait to hear what lands for you in this interview and what you are excited to implement into your daily life!!

Life is so short and we simply can't afford to waste a single moment. It's time to STOP SURVIVING and just trying to make it through the day. It's high time to start THRIVING!!

Have questions or want to tell me about your progress or just to simply share your thoughts and what your biggest takeaways are from this interview? Then email me directly at

P.S. Would you LOVE to have additional support to follow through in this area? Then click the Breakthrough Session link to schedule your FREE call that will help you to get clear about your vision, dreams, goals AND to know what your next best steps are to all of that awesomeness!!

There is only one of me, which means that space is limited, so don't wait to schedule your call!!

To Your Success,

Bodymind Coach

Public Speaker

Workshop Leader

Course Creator

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