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What is BodyMind Coaching Anyway?


Bodymind Coaching is a powerful coaching conversation that guides and supports you in uncovering what is getting in between YOU and your goals, dreams, and visions. Essentially, guiding you to live life feeling fulfilled AND inspired!

Something I have learned as a former Licensed Massage Therapist is that pain, stress, overwhelm has BOTH a physical AND an emotional component!! Emotions and how you feel get trapped in your muscles, in your tissues, and even in your posture and how you carry yourself.

You carry this stress, this feeling of overwhelm and burden with you through your everyday life as you perform the necessary tasks and duties that are required of you.

This can feel heavy, exhausting, even draining.

It holds you back from being your best self. Your most patient self. Your joyful self.

I would see my massage clients week after week month after month coming back to me with the same pain and stress in their bodies.

I was giving them a kick-ass massage and they were having less pain. But what was happening was that their pain just came back. Many times their pain was actually a result of what was happening in their lives and in their environment. The overwhelm, pain, and frustration was showing up in their body as tightness in their neck and shoulders, pain in their jaw, and low back pain, and headaches that felt like their head was being squished in a vice.

When I introduced Bodymind Coaching to my clients, EVERYTHING CHANGED!!

Bodymind Coaching is an embodied conversation that gives voice to the body so that you can live more connected within yourself and make more empowered decisions in your life.

As I shared Bodymind Coaching with my clients, they started to report that they were having less pain, stress, and frustration. They felt more aligned and right on when making decisions. They felt lighter. More confident, more expressive, and way less concerned about what others thought of them and what they "should" be doing.

It was a feeling of freedom. Like they had just been released from having their hands tied behind their back.

They felt happier, lighter, their relationships improved, their health, happiness, and well being increased tremendously.

They were going from being on the brink of divorce to rekindling their marriages by going on romantic getaways in the woods.

I was getting phone calls from my clients thanking me and telling me how grateful they were to have joined my coaching programs!!

It has always been my passion to help people with their pain and while massage therapy is fantastic, it wasn't getting to the root cause. It was only managing the symptoms while keeping my clients in their own personal groundhog day and feeling like they were living on autopilot.

"Their tight necks and shoulders were a symptom of dissatisfaction in their jobs, exhaustion from never-ending to-do lists, and feeling like they had the weight of the world on their shoulders."

Now, Bodymind Coaching is how I support my clients to get to the ROOT CAUSE of their overwhelm, pain, stress, and frustration instead of pushing it down and covering it up thinking (hoping and praying) that maybe tomorrow things will be different. Or when this problem ______ (fill in the blank with your current experience) is solved, THEN, things will be better!! In my experience what happens here is the next immediate thing that needs your attention pops up over and over again.

What if feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted, or just feeling like something is missing in your life, are just the symptoms of what your body is really trying to tell you?

What if the pain/stress that you're feeling is a language that your body SPEAKS TO YOU through to get your attention so that you make a change?

Bodymind Coaching is an invitation for you to hear the messages of your body BEFORE it starts screaming at you to get your attention.

You only get this 1 body and how you treat it now will impact you forever!

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