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Whoever Said "What You Don't Know Can't Hurt You, WAS WRONG!

For sooo long I had a love/hate relationship with manifesting.

I loved it because it led me to a place where anything was possible and that felt so amazing, light, and dreamy.

Then, there was the part I hated because for the life of me I could NOT get it to work!!🤦‍♀️ 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

A trusted source said, “If you REALLY want manifestation to work, just follow these steps…”

So I said, “OH, it’s just like following a recipe!! I can follow a recipe! No problem. Easy peasy.”

I woke up each day so excited to manifest with my new recipe.

I would set my intention and think, "okay, THIS is the day I am going to figure this manifesting thing out for real. I’m going to do it "RIGHT" today.”

✅ I would visualize what I wanted

✅I would get clear on what that would look like

✅I would do all the things I thought I was supposed to

I mean, I followed that recipe to a T every single day for years and years...

And I had almost nothing to show for it.

The most I could ever manifest was a close parking spot SOMETIMES!

It was almost like manifesting was taunting me, saying, “Here is the close parking spot you asked for but, the big stuff you want, like financial freedom? Nope, can't have it.”

What about this manifestation recipe I was following? I would see other people following the same exact steps and THEY were getting amazing results.

What was going on??

I started to think there must be something wrong with me.

I thought, “Look at all these other people… Manifestation is working for them. Oh, they must be smarter than me. They have something figured out that I hadn’t, and no matter how hard I try, I won’t ever be able to figure it out and that’s why I can’t manifest.”

I started to think that I had had my lot in life and I wasn't meant to reach my dreams, goals, and visions… Those things were meant for other people, not me.

What I didn’t realize then was that each time I “failed” at manifesting I built up even more resistance to what I wanted to call into my life. Each “failure” confirmed my self-doubt even more and separated me even MORE from what I desired!

But at the time I was so frustrated and burnt out from trying over and over again that I wanted to quit.

I knew there was something missing from how I was looking at this whole manifestation thing, and I realized I had a choice to make:

I could either keep spinning my wheels getting absolutely nowhere and continue to beat myself up for not knowing what I didn’t know, or I could stop doing that and ask someone who’s figured out these missing pieces for help instead.

After years of going the first route with little to show for it, this time I chose the second option.

I chose to surround myself with people who KNEW what I needed to know and could guide me to find the pieces I was missing!!

And guess what… IT WORKED!!!

If somebody KNEW they had the answer to your problem, you would want them to tell you, right? I know I would!!

But here's the thing: You don't always know what you don't know, and if you don't know you might start to think the problem is YOU!

If you’re in this boat, I wanna spare you the YEARS of frustration, wondering what you're doing wrong... That’s why I’m hosting a FREE workshop so that you can come learn what I wish someone would’ve told ME back then!!!

Are you ready to start unblocking the barriers to YOUR abundance so that you can start manifesting what you really want? Click here to sign up for my FREE manifestation workshop!!

Se you there

Much love,


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