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"The Money Loves You Book Club & Coaching Program!"

Did you know that money wants to be BFFs with you?

Did you know that money wants to be in a "hot and steamy" relationship WITH you?




Money wants to be WITH you. All. The. Time.

Money wants to help you to be, do, and have all of the things that you are dreaming of for your life!

Are you dreaming of a lake house, a beach house, your dream career, your dream business, amazing clients, dreamy relationship(s), a family and you have no idea HOW you would ever be able to have them let alone afford them?


Whatever you want, money wants you to have that, AND MORE!

That's money's job and its purpose. To help connect you with the people places, situations, and circumstances that will put you on a lovely collision course with all that you desire

without stress, overwhelm, and burnout!

...Money IS a connector!

And just like any other relationship, communication and understanding of each other is crucial. And quite honestly, money feels misunderstood by you.


Money has a lot to say, and, a lot that it wants you to know.

And its time to find out what that is inside "The Money Loves You Book Club & Coaching Program hosted by the hostess with the mostest, Laurie Juszkiewicz, Manifestation & Money Energy Coach For Coaches!!


Inside this powerful book club we will be reading the amazing book "Love Money Money Loves You by Sarah McCrum. 

Inside this book, you will learn how to communicate with the enrgy of money so that you can be in a loving relationship WITH it. You will uncover what is really true for you and money!

Here's what you'll get:

 💗 6 group coaching calls held online via Zoom where you can ask your questions, receive coaching, and support as you uncover many of the ways that money is talking to you so that moving forward, you will understand money and how it works so that you can take action and step forward into wealth and financial freedom!

 💗 A private community where you can ask questions in real time as you are reading this powerful book.  This is a great place to share your wins, your aha's and breakthroughs with the group. Having this space in between calls is a total game-changer!

 💗 Accountability and support every step of the way from Laurie and the group. Resistance is real and it will probably show up in our time together because new ways of thinking about money are being introduced here. Your money story and beliefs will start to be uncovered. Without support, chances are great that you won't finish this book on your own. This is the power of having accountability and support every step of the way. So that when you notice resistance you can reach out and ask for the support that you need.

 💗 Lifetime access to the group call recordings so that you can go back at any time and grab those snippets of wisdom that came thorugh in our time together.

 💗  A new and improved relationship WITH money!

Don't wait to sign up. Time and space is limited!

We get started with our first call on February 1st, 2023 and you're going to read chapters 1-5 before our first call. Don't wait to sign up, grab your spot NOW!

Join me inside the "Money Loves You Book Club & Coaching Program where we will deep dive into this powerful book so that you can  strengthen your relationship with money and finally understand it and how it works!!

You just have to get on the same page as money! ( No pun intended! Well, maybe a little!)

Have questions? Here are some answers to your Q's!


Question: Do I have to be local to Laurie to join this program?

Answer: Nope , not at all. This program is 100% online and we will meet via Zoom.

Question: How long do the group coaching calls last?

About 90 minutes to 2 hours dependng on how many questions there are that week?

Question: When does this start?

Answer: February 1st, 2023 is our official start and we will be reading chapters 1-5 before we have our 1st call.

Question: IS the book included?

Answer: No, due to time and shipping constraints you will need to purchase the book before we get started. Our first call is on February 1st!  You will want to have the first few chapters read by that time.

Question: What if I have a question in between calls as I'm reading the book?

Answer:  Great question! Yes, it is so important to have your questions answered as you're making your way through the book. That's why there will also be a FB group included with this book club!

Question: Are there payment plans?

Answer: Yes! When you click the sign up button, you will see a payment plan option to help make this an easy yes for you!

Question: What time are the group coaching calls?

Answer: The calls will start at 6:00 pm eastern.

For any additional questions, please, email





Here's a little bit about your hostess with the mostest, Laurie

Laurie Juszkiewicz is a Manifestation & Money Energy Coach for coaches who combines her magical woo energy with practical and tangible action steps as she guides her clients on a journey inward to discover how they can become financially free from the inside out.

She uses Bodymind Coaching as a tool to help you uncover your internal beliefs and your internal alignment in the relationship that co-exists between you, and the energy of money.

 Laurie is passionate about supporting women and coaches to feel amazing about making and receiving money!! She does this by teaching her clients to listen to and trust their intuition, their inner compass that is guiding them, and those amazing ideas and inspirations that are calling out begging to be made real even when they don’t make logical sense. It’s through providing kick-ass support and accountability so that her clients follow through and honor themselves in living Bodymind aligned so they can have financial freedom

What Laurie knows is that there is often a gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Navigating that gap is some of the hardest work that we will ever do. Having a coach there to guide and support you in that space of not quite there yet is a gamechanger

When Laurie isn't coaching, you will find her outside in her zen den or floating in her pool with her family relaxing and just BEing.


Laurie loves riding her bike, reading, learning everything she can, traveling to Maui, cooking nourishing meals, playing with her dogs Clarke & Phoebe, and always has a bottle of chilled Champagne on hand to celebrate those surprises and delights from the Universe! 

Laurie with her family pictured below!







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