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"When you have clearly asked for what you desire, you can relax in knowing that it is done, it is on it's way to you."

It's not that you don't do anything, it's that you allow through your connection to your intuition, that you allow your next best steps to come through you.

Are you asking okay, but, I'm a Type-A personality who has a million things swirling around in my brain and I don't know how to relax? No worries, so do most of my clients BEFORE they come to work with me.

This will work for you too!!

Follow my 5 easy peasy steps below!! They work every time!

Step 1. Make a list of 3-5 things that you would like to receive in 2022. If you can think of more great. If not, no worries again we're keeping this simple. If you're having difficulty thinking of things, again let's keep it simple. Ask yourself the questions below in the exercise that I've included to help make this one and done for you. ***Pretend it's 12/31/22, who would you like to be? What would you like to have? What would you like to be doing? Where are you living? What are you doing? These are some questions that have helped me get more clear about what the heck I want. Having a date, helps us to be clear.

Step 2.) Write them ALL down. (I told you this was easy peasy.)

Step 3.) Keep this list someplace that speaks to your heart. I have a wonderful box that says "Live the life you imagined", but you can put your written list anywhere. You can pin it on your vision board, on your mirror, wherever you prefer. I like a box so that it stays private to me and I can look at it whenever I choose.

Step 4.) Meditate. Meditate on your dreams, goals, and visions. FEEL THEM!! BE EXCITED ABOUT THEM!! And if you don't meditate, no problem. Get out in nature. Go for a walk, exercise, do yoga, make a cup of tea or coffee, and put your feet up. Do whatever supports you in feeling relaxed, at peace, joyful, connected. When you are in this state it is so easy for you to receive guidance.

Step 5.) In this connected state, allow your Inner Guidance to move and flow through you and guide you. It might be through an idea. It might be that you're guided to someone who can help you. It might be that a client or customer comes to you asking for your help.

*** I have no idea "HOW" it will come to you!! What I know IS THAT IT WILL COME TO YOU WHEN YOU ALLOW YOURSELF TO RECEIVE!!

Please, get out of the way because here it comes!!

P.S. When I was writing this I took a break to play with my dogs when my daughter came in the room to ask me a question about her bank account. I said hold on let me look at mine so I can see what's going on. When I logged into my account, I noticed that my bank balance was way higher than it should have been. Like, waaaay higher. When I started scrolling around I had received a 100% totally unexpected deposit of $4,287.00 into my business bank account!! WHAT?!!!! YES!!!

The above steps that I gave you, are the exact process I follow!!

True story. I do this all the time and now, I want to help you do this too!!

P.P.S. And for my people who follow me and have a Type-A Personality and have a million things swirling around in their brain that are keeping you from being able to relax so you can hear your intuition? Click here to download my FREE downloadable resource The 5 steps to Declutter Your Brain

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