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I hit pause this past summer to make more space for summer!! It goes so fast around here. Now I'm feeling refreshed, renewed and recharged!! The power of the pause is profound.  It's in those moments of pausing and reflecting that what we need to know and hear can bubble up to the surface! It's ALL just beneath the surface sitting there waiting for us to slow down to hear, to feel, and know it in our bodies. So often people are up in their head/brain trying to gain the answer. But, it's not there. The answers are in your body. Your body is giving you clues, nudges, and guidance. It doesn't use language, it uses feelings and sensations from the body. When you're looking forward to an event or are super excited about something, you notice THAT in your body as feelings and sensations like butterflies in your stomach or anticipation. You may even do a little dance. You may also notice when something doesn't excite you and it falls "flat." This  IS  your body talking.  Your body has all sorts of different ways that it is answering your questions as you go through your day. Your answers are in your embodiment. What is embodiment? ***Embodiment is your ability to connect with who you truly are, The energy, the essence of who you truly are underneath all of the things that your head brain thinks you are. The part of you that animates your body. Without it, YOU are just a body with a brain and a central nervous system Your soul, your spirit, your intuitive guidance system lives in your body. When you reconnect back to your body, you come back to your essence. Here's an example. You know how when you're deciding on what to make for dinner and you think "hhmmm, maybe hamburgers, we haven't had those in a while." And then you say, "no that doesn't sound good." Then you think "maybe Chicken Picatta, then you say naaaa, that doesn't sound like a yes either." Then, you get a brilliant idea of steaks on the grill and you feel your whole body say oooooh that sounds good and then you start thinking "oh I'm definitely using the charcoal for sure with steaks." Then you get the idea of having steaks with baked potatoes on the grill too. And then you think "oh, and garlic mushrooms and onions to go on top of the steak." Now, you're getting excited about dinner. You're thinking how surprised everyone will be to have charcoal-grilled steaks and you're excited to get to connect with your family/friends over dinner and how good that will feel to nourish and spend time with your family and loved ones.  That is your body talking AND when the charcoal-grilled steak idea landed and felt right in your body, you started to get excited about it, then came the next idea, and then the next idea. By asking the question of what sounds good to have for dinner, and by playing with what was a "yes" or a "no" of what your body wanted, in came the answer. This IS connecting your body and mind. If you had just asked your head/brain, you would have gotten ideas, but you wouldn't necessarily have been excited because your body knows what steaks taste like. Your body smells the charcoal and your eyes see the juicy steak. ... You received the WHOLE story from both your body and the brain (Yes, your brain processes your senses. But your brain wouldn't have anything to process without your body!!)  Your body comes first. Your body tells your brain how it is feeling and what it wants. Your head/brain processes the information.  Now, the brain can say, "let's go to the store and pick up steaks, what kind of mushrooms Moonlight, or Portabella?  How many steaks do we need? What kind of charcoal." Your brain is associated with the task portion, your body is telling you what it wants and what sounds good. Your amazing body does this with everything including things like:

🌸 How you feel about your job

🌸 When something doesn't feel right about someone of something

🌸 If something feels off in your relationships

🌸Whether you like Yoga or not

🌸Whether or not to go to Yoga

🌸Your body lets you know if you like to go for a run or walk

All of these things, your body lets you know what it likes and doesn't like. What feels right or what feels "off."

Your body is always giving you clues and guidance to your next steps.

It's by opening up this conversation WITH your body that you are able to be aware so that you can start feeling and knowing when something is a hell yes for you and when its a hell no for you and to know what the difference feels like in your body so that you can say goodbye to self-doubt and second-guessing yourself day in and day out and start trusting yourself.

How to start trusting yourself starts by trusting your decisions!!

Albert Einstein said, “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” 

In October, I am taking 3 coaching clients through this very process to teach the process of trusting yourself and your decisions so that you can say goodbye to second-guessing and doubting yourself!

No more guessing, and second-guessing.

Its time for clarity.

It's time for "just freakin' know in your bones" what your next steps are.

Does this sound like something you would like to learn more about?

P.S. During my pause this summer, I noticed that more often than not our decisions are based on if we can afford something rather than if we desire to do something.

I got curious about what would life look like if money wasn't the driving force in our decisions!

It was powerful and it inspired me to start a new Facebook Group called Being YOU, Financially FREE!! 

Sending you so much love and support,

Certified Bodymind Coach

Motivational Speaker

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